Hanoi Day 1

I came to Hanoi two days early to take a two day vacation before my shoot on Monday. While we were having breakfast and commenting on the fact the sun was out (it was supposed to rain the whole time we were here) we decided we should go to the site and take some photos to be safe. We left the site at 6pm. So much for a vacation day!  

It was 90 degrees and about 110% humidity and we were outside all day! I was thrilled to get back to the hotel for a quick shower before meeting a client for dinner.  

We hit a little traffic on the way to work! 


Here is the school I photographed today.  A nice building almost makes it worth missing a vacation day... almost.  


I took out $1,500,000vnd from the ATM! Never thought I would be a multi millionaire!


Tonight I bought a $29,000vnd cookie! That works out to $1.28! (Good thing it was cheap, it wasn't good!)

Tomorrow I will do a walking tour of Hanoi. Fingers crossed that the jet lag doesn't set in!